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Harmonic Current References

On the Web

Equi=Tech Corporation have a bunch of stuff on their site relating to power quality, however a good first look is an article entitled Lifting the Grounding Enigma , being of particular relevance to the professional audio folks.

Power Quality Assurance Magazine is a site devoted to the issue of power quality. Follow the link through to articles, and browse away.

Simcom International , who "provide International Regulatory Compliance, System Integration for multinational corporations through: electronic media, on-site educational services and hard-copy reference publications" have an article that overviews the regulatory impact of power dimming.

Microconsultants (Aust) Pty Ltd have written an article entitled Power factor: Dissipating the Myths which gently introduces the concept of Power Factor, and why watts and VA are different, with lots of neat (low bandwidth) pictures.

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