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Assembling a "large" TechPro system

What is a "large" techPro system? It's a system with thousands of feet of cable between beltpacks. You don't often get these in theatres, occasionally get this in outdoor venues, and sometimes get these in big outdoor events such as re-enactments. You can get this frequently in non-theatre events such as car rallys.

The problem generally isn't the audio signal; it's low impedence and tends to travel fairly well over distance, providing the cable is not run adjacent to power cables. However the beltpacks make much greater demands on the cable for delivering power to the beltpacks from the power supply units. Having a cluster of stations a great distance from the power supply means that there is significant voltage drop across the cable.

Illustration of big system (7K)

This problem is, however, fairly easy to solve. The cure is to use multiple power supplies, one near each cluster of (or indeed individual, in the worst case) beltpack(s). The gotcha is : The power supplies shouldn't be connected to each other; they are not designed to be parallelled and to support loadshareing .

What you need to do is to install one or more "power boosters" or "power splitter". See our DIY section for one to build yourself, or purchase them ready made from TechPro.

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