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Books about MIDI Show Control

Control Systems for Live Entertainment
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John Huntington
Focal press

It's often said that John Huntington wrote the book on MIDI Show Control, and Control Systems for Live Entertainment is that book. In the course of nearly 300 pages the reader is taken from the very concept of "control" as applied to a theatrical (in the widests sense) performance, and the basics of networking, through to a few "real" examples of Show Control in Action.

There are sections on lighting, sound control, special effects, pyrotechics, machinery (!), and many others. There are lists of manufacturers and other resources, and finally a reference on the MSC protocol.

If you've every been to Disneyland, and marvelled at the production excellence of the shows, then you'll love the insight this book provides into how you can bring this degree of controlability to your own shows.

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