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Books about Lighting instruments and their characteristics

Photometrics Handbook
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Robert C. Mumm
Broadway Press

It's difficult to imagine a more boring book than this. It's over 600 pages of data on lighting instruments. If there isn't at least one instrument (and probably entire makes) you haven't come across, you've clearly been lighting for just too many years :-)

Although aimeds at the USA marketplace, as a reader in the UK I found most of the lamps I am familiar with in there, though sometimes under different names or model numbers.

For each luminaire, there is a picture, a description including beam angles, bulb type, accessory information, and a chart showing distance against beam diameter and expected intensity. For waggling mirror luminaires there is also some info on what they contain and their angular limitations, but not a DMX512 parameter listing.

Every lighting engineer or designer should have this book. You may never need it, (but you will be able to swap trivia with your peers!) but the day you need to plot a show blind, it'll pay for itself in the first ten minutes.

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