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In the late 1990s, there was a bunch of text here describing how buying books over the net worked. I've deleted it, as I think everyone has by now heard of Amazon.com. But I did leave the last of the questions, as it remains relevant, as it concerns comissions, and just for completeness, book sales commission never actually amounted to anything, I think I've had about two cheques from Amazon in many years.

Isn't this just DMX512.com trying to make loadsa money?

In theory, DMX512.com receives a commission for each book sold that comes via one of the links on these pages. However becase the books we point to are (by bookshop bestseller criteria) somewhat specialist the book distributors don't keep lots of copies on the shelves, so their discount to you drops, and the first thing they cut is... the commission to the intermediary.

For an interesting view on Amazon.com commision, read this, then decide if being a book intermediary is the path to fame and fortune!

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